7 Common Problems with Refrigerators

Your home’s refrigerator serves multiple purposes throughout the day; so, when you notice it has an issue, it can add stress to an already busy day! Although refrigerators are powerhouses that work throughout the year keeping your food fresh, they can also run into...

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How Long Should A Dryer Last?

Consumer reports claim you should expect your dryer to last ten years, give or take a few years. That’s a very generic answer. How long an appliance lasts depends on much more than an average number found through research.

Dryer manufacturers don’t always agree with consumer report averages, which is why some offer warranties much longer than ten years.

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How to Troubleshoot a Refrigerator

According to CNN, 23% of American homes have more than one refrigerator. That means one in four households have two or more refrigerators. Other statistics report over 10 million refrigerators are sold each year.

This also means millions of refrigerators will experience minor and major problems. It’s crucial the homeowner understands their refrigerator and even be able to troubleshoot some of the smaller issues.

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