How Can You Tell How Old A Dryer Is?

If you have a “hand-me-down” dryer from a family member, it can be a lot easier to determine its age. Like, if your mom bought the dryer when you were in diapers, and now you have your child in diapers, it’s old.

If there’s a picture of your grandmother standing next to it, wearing her prom dress, it’s old. But if you acquired the dryer from someone other than family, it’s important to be able to figure out the age of your appliance on your own.

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How Long Should A Dryer Last?

Consumer reports claim you should expect your dryer to last ten years, give or take a few years. That’s a very generic answer. How long an appliance lasts depends on much more than an average number found through research.

Dryer manufacturers don’t always agree with consumer report averages, which is why some offer warranties much longer than ten years.

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When to Replace Your Dryer

Project Laundry List reports 80 % of Americans wash and dry between two and nine loads of laundry each week. Among the dryers in homes, 77% are electric, with propane being the other option.

Most dryers can last between ten years or more, depending on how well they are maintained.

Where does your dryer fit into this timeline? Is your dryer still working like a boss at two years old? Or does your dryer need a walker to help it get through a cycle?

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