Consumer reports claim you should expect your dryer to last ten years, give or take a few years. That’s a very generic answer. How long an appliance lasts depends on much more than an average number found through research.

Dryer manufacturers don’t always agree with consumer report averages, which is why some offer warranties much longer than ten years.

A more exact answer to how long your dryer should last is based on how often you use it and how well you maintain it.

Below are recommended tips that should help your dryer last longer than an average of ten years.

Don’t Use the Dryer

I know what you’re thinking. Duh! Of course, the dryer will last longer if you don’t use it.

The advice here is not meant to tell you never to use your dryer. Instead, use your dryer except for the times when air drying your clothing could work just as well. Some heavier items like blankets and rugs will need more heat, for a longer time, to dry in the dryer.

If you line dry them, however, you can save the wear and tear your dryer would endure.

Pay Attention to Laundry Weight

Have you ever done a load of laundry, and when the dryer beeps telling you the load is dry, you are surprised to find not all your items are dry? The smaller and lighter items, like underwear and washcloths, are too hot to touch. The thick towels and blue jeans are still damp.

What do you do? You take out the dry items and continue drying the more substantial items.

If you sort items by weight on the front end of the chore, you will notice this problem disappears. Wash and dry items together based on their bulkiness, length, and weight. You will see your clothes will get cleaner and your cycle times will reduce.

Clean Before You Dry

Of course, the clothes will be clean before you put them in the dryer. They are coming directly from the washing machine.

Local appliance repair technicians will tell you that may not be as clean as it needs to be, though, is the dryer itself.

There are parts on your dryer that, if not cleaned, could affect how well your appliance works. It could also create a fire hazard.

One area you must clean is the lint trap. This is easily accessible, and you can visibly see how dirty the trap is each time you open the dryer. After a few cycles, it is helpful to remove the screen and clean both sides of it, freeing it of contaminants that can hinder the machine’s performance.

Cleaning the vents that lead to the outdoors is another vital factor in helping your dryer run efficiently. Lint and other debris can clog the vent, preventing the air from escaping. Lint can also build up on the back of the dryer. At least once a year, you should pull the dryer out and inspect it and clean it when necessary.

This is an even better time to have your local appliance professionals perform a maintenance test on your dryer. Dynamic Appliance Repair experts know what to look for in the wiring, venting, and other mechanics of a dryer.

Know Your Cycle Options

When washing and drying your clothes, do you feel like you’re on an episode of Wheel of Fortune? There are so many options it becomes overwhelming, so you spin the dial, and whatever it lands on, that’s how your clothes get dried.

Believe it or not, all those “options” can help you save time, money, and can extend the life of your dryer.

Your delicates do not need 80 minutes on high cotton to dry. But your bath towels or bulky items may need that length and heat.

Have your local appliance installer explain the options to you so you can pick the right one with each load of laundry.

Ask A Lot of Questions

Call your local appliance company and ask a lot of questions. Invite them for an assessment of your machine, and while there, whip out your list of questions related to how you can extend the life of your dryer. Write down everything you do while laundering, and get feedback on if it is helpful or harmful.

You can ask about detergents, duct systems, scented vs. unscented dryer cloths or wool balls, airflow, connections, and more.

The key to helping your dryer last a long time is maintenance, both by you and your local pros.

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