Refrigerator compressors are a big deal. According to Verified Market Research reports, the refrigerator compressor market is expected to grow to nearly $23 billion by 2026. That’s billion with a “B.” While there are different types of refrigerators for various industries, the fridge that is most everyone’s home accounts for much of this number.

No matter where the cooling unit is housed, it is the compressor that keeps it running.

Before troubleshooting a refrigerator to see if the compressor can be repaired, it’s essential to understand what it is, how it works, and why it would need to be fixed in the first place.

What Is A Refrigerator Compressor?

The refrigerator compressor is an electric pump next to a condenser. The compressor is filled with gases that help move hot air over to the condenser, where the air is cooled down.

That’s the simple version. It is much more complex, and without the compressor, the refrigerator cannot work correctly.

To avoid major repairs or a whole new replacement, it’s crucial you know how to identify potential problems with your compressor before it’s too late.

Identify Compressor Problems

There are multiple reasons why a refrigerant compressor stops functioning. There are just as many signals you can start looking for that will tell you if your compressor needs repair. Sure, when it stops working and your food spoils is one of them, but before that happens, there are warning signs.

Problem: Your Refrigerator is Overheating
Most likely, the reason your refrigerator is getting hot is that the compressor fan stopped working. The fan is what cools the appliance down, any appliance. When it stops doing its job, that appliance will overheat and eventually break down.

You don’t have to check to see if the fan is working periodically, you will know it. You will hear strange noises coming from your refrigerator that are vastly different than the natural hum or whirl or cutting on and off during temperature regulating.

A broken fan is not the only part that can cause temperature problems related to the compressor.

Problem: The Compressor Motor is Broken
Without a working motor, no other parts will work right. The motor is what helps the fan do its job. If the motor breaks, your refrigerator may feel chilly in one area and warm in another. The juice on the top shelf may be icy cold while the lettuce in your crisper is warm and wilted. Or, everything in your fridge may be warm.

Your compressor motor, if going bad, may also make weird noises.

Problem: Noises from the Compressor
Any strange noises coming from the compressor is not good news and not a simple fix. It usually means a replacement compressor is needed. However, it’s best to call for a Phoenix-area appliance repair expert to determine exactly where the noise is originating.

Sometimes it can sound like the compressor but be the fan or the motor or another part.

There are normal noises the compressor will make, like when it kicks on and off. Refrigerators can also make a humming noise. These are normal.

What’s not normal, if the clicking on and off is constant, or when you don’t hear any noises coming from your fridge. If either of these is happening, call an Arizona licensed appliance repair technician immediately.

Calling a local appliance repair company, like Dynamic Appliance Repair, is key to getting an honest answer on whether your refrigerator compressor can be repaired.

Repairing a Compressor

You don’t always have to repair or replace a compressor if the issue is a part related to the compressor. For instance, the compressor needs a fan to work. If the fan breaks, you need to replace the fan, which can be less than $100.

Relay switches that allow the compressor to click on and off when it needs to regulate internal temperature may go bad, and the compressor can’t do its job. Replacing the relay switch costs less than $50 and fixes your problem.

However, if it is the actual compressor that has malfunctioned, you will need to replace it. And by “you,” I mean your local Phoenix area appliance repair tech who is licensed in Arizona and has years of experience working on refrigerator compressors.

This is not a DIY project. I repeat this is not a DIY project. To protect yourself and your refrigerator, call Dynamic for Scottsdale refrigerator repair work. We’ll get your fridge running optimally in no time.

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