Our appliance repair technicians are trained to the highest standards and committed to 100% customer satisfaction. A handful of our technicians are NASTeC certified and have received a certification from Fred’s Appliance Academy. All our sealed system technicians are EPA certified so you know you are in good hands when it comes time for a major refrigerator repair. Our expert trained and insured technicians provide comprehensive, detail-oriented appliance repair with integrity that is done right the first time. No up selling, no stalling and no false promises. We are the top tier of home appliance repair service.
Licensed and insured
Passed drug test
Clean background check


The passion Scott conveys for appliance repair is contagious and those around him cannot help but feel the same way. Scott comes from a strong electrical background. From residential wiring to commercial, big box roll outs and tenant improvements, one of Scotts primary duties as a journeyman electrician was troubleshooting electrical systems and circuits. Appliance repair is all about troubleshooting.

At an early age Scott was moonlighting as a restaurant equipment repair technician where he did a lot of learning on the Job. The knowledge gained by working on those expensive pieces of restaurant equipment easily transfer to the residential appliances in our homes today.

Scott is both NASTeC and EPA Certified. Scott has received factory training from numerous manufacturers and has attended continuing education classes on a regular basis, including the annual ASTI conventions where hundreds of like-minded individuals meet to learn the newest information about the most relevant appliances in the market today.

Scott knows appliances from the repair angle and from the consumer angle. Scott spends the bulk of his off time in the kitchen and sous vide is his favorite method of cooking. Grilling, smoking, basting and roasting dinner at Scotts house is a dinner you’ll remember.

Customer service is job number one for Scott and it comes easily because Scott is a people person and he takes time with each customer to ensure a cohesive experience from start to finish. Book one call with Scott and you’ll know why so many customers request his services.

Favorite appliances to repair:

  • Built in refrigerators
  • Ranges
Steve is our Lead Master Technician in the Scottsdale area. Steve grew up in the appliance repair industry and knows all the ins and outs of appliance repair. He has been in the appliance repair business for 33 years and is a well-known appliance repair technician in the Scottsdale area. He started with Accredited Appliance right out of high school and recently ventured out to team up with Scott. Steve is EPA certified and factory trained virtually in every brand of major home appliances.

Through his many years of hard work and commitment, Steve recognizes what it takes to provide customers with distinctive service in the competitive appliance repair industry. He has built long-lasting relationships with his customers over the years. He knows exactly what it takes to repair appliances without draining your wallet. Steve is involved in establishing ongoing training programs and implementing them throughout our company.

On his free time Steve enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends. We can assure you that once you have him in your home, you will request him for all your appliance repair needs moving forward.

Favorite appliances to repair:

  • Sub Zero refrigerators
  • GE Monogram refrigerators
  • Front load washers
Anthony is a determined technician who has a strong focus on the customer service experience. He has been repairing major brands of appliances for a little over 7 years and is able to work confidently on most makes and models. He is always kept up-to-date by attending semi annual manufacturer training courses to make sure you get the best service possible during your appointment.

With a background in mathematics and technology, there’s no job too complicated for him to fix. He takes pride in his professionalism, cleanliness, and knowledge of appliances, both new and old. You can expect high quality service in any situation with Anthony as your repair technician.

Favorite appliances to repair:

  • Built in Microwaves
  • Refrigerators
Jason is always looking for a challenge. He made a name for himself around the office for being able to handle the most stressful situations with grace and ease. Some say it’s his kind blue eyes, or his goofball demeanor but customers personally request Jason daily!

He has been repairing major brands of appliances for approximately 9 years. He attends training classes on a continuous basis to keep up to date with industry changes. Growing up working on a farm, Jason knows and enjoys hard work and hardworking people. He’s found this and more at Dynamic Appliance Repair and looks forward to growing with the team.

When Jason is not servicing appliances, he enjoys motor cross, boating and spending time with his family.

Favorite appliances to repair:

  • Washer
  • Dryer
Having spent 15 years in the restaurant industry, Andrew is a former chef with a new-found passion for repairing appliances. Although he’s relatively new to the industry, the work ethic and attention to detail Andrew acquired while working in kitchens has proven just as useful in the business of repairing appliances.

Andrew has dedicated the last 3 years to becoming the best appliance repair technician he can be, earning EPA and NASTeC certifications along the way, and strives to improve his skills and knowledge on a daily basis. In addition to attending continuing education classes, Andrew uses all of the resources at his disposal to self-educate on the world of appliance repair.

Andrew loves sharing the knowledge he’s acquired over the years, so whether you’d like to know how to get the best performance out of your washing machine, or how to perfectly cook a steak, Andrew has the answers to your questions.

Aside from appliance repair, Andrew enjoys cooking, playing video games and playing the bass guitar.

Kyle strives on customer satisfaction. His professionalism and determination to create a customer bond and sense of ease during the abrupt time of needing your appliance serviced will not go un-noticed. Kyle keeps up with learning the new and always changing needs in the appliance industry. You may notice him checking all his resources to ensure you are getting a competitive price and assuring the problem of your appliance will be a quick repair. He has 5 years of experience in the HVAC industry on top of his 4 years in appliances.

Kyle is EPA certified and continues his education with training classes and seminars. With his background in HVAC and Appliances you can assure Kyle will have the capability to take on any job.

When Kyle is not working, he is spending time with family and friends. He enjoys working on home projects, going camping, and hiking. We assure you, once you meet Kyle you will request him every time.

Favorite Appliance to work on:

  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators

Sam has been in the appliance repair industry for 7 years. He is EPA certified and factory trained in most household appliances. His education and working background, coupled with a motivated, disciplined, and goal oriented personal approach to his work, are assets which lend themselves perfectly to the high demand of the ever-changing appliance repair industry.

Sam prides himself on building sustaining relationships, and the use of new technology to affect efficiency in his repairs. Sam is a firm believer of “Never Stop Learning: Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and Thrive.” He uses all the resources at his disposal to self-educate on the appliance repair industry.

Sam’s friendly demeanor and personal touch makes him a great addition to our team and our customers already love him!

On his free time Sam enjoys riding his Harley, participating in martial arts, and spending time with his family.


NASTeC is a voluntary, national certification program for technicians who service major home appliances.

The NASTeC exams measure the knowledge, ability and skills technicians need to repair appliances correctly, and provide professional customer service.

If you see the NASTeC logo on a website, you know you’re working with the best in the appliance repair industry!

The Environmental Protection Agency is an agency of the federal government whose purpose is to protect human and environmental health.

Per the agency’s Clean Air Act, all persons who open a system or container holding a controlled refrigerant must be certified by the EPA.

You can rest assured that when you choose Dynamic Appliance Repair for your sealed system repair needs, you’re getting a technician that is trained and certified in the safe, correct handling of your refrigerator’s sealed system and the refrigerant inside of it.

Fred’s Appliance Academy offers a diverse technical training program that covers all aspects of appliance repair. Fre’s is known as the best training academy in the appliance repair industry. While attending Fred’s, technicians have the opportunity to earn several nationally recognized appliance repair certifications. By passing the exams, our technicians have proved that they have the knowledge, ability, and the skills to do in home appliance service. It is an honor to be able to display the Fred’s Academy logo with pride.
Some of our technicians are among a select group to be Certified Appliance Repair P