Sub Zero Refrigerators are the top of the line kitchen appliance. Aesthetics aside, with the ability to keep your food fresher longer, they are definitely worth the investment.

These refrigerators are often engineered to keep your food fresh with not one, but two compressors that are each specifically designed to cool your fridge and freezer separately. Your Sub Zero fridge is engineered and constructed to keep the air temperature just right to keep your food from drying up and going bad. On the other hand, freezers need to stay dry to minimize freezer burn, and Sub Zero freezers do just that.

These refrigerators are known to last 30 or more years. With each and every appliance you buy, no matter how well you take care of them, you can experience issues if not properly maintained. As time goes on, wear and tear of 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for years can impact the life expectancy and repair needs of the refrigerator.

Understanding that these units never get a break or any downtime, as the refrigerator and freezer get older or are used frequently (think of opening of the door) the refrigerator temperature drops 5 degrees every time you open the door. There are 3 common issues we here at Dynamic get called on to repair the most often. Thankfully, each of these issues can be fixed by a knowledgeable, trained repair technician well-versed in Sub Zero repair.

The Vacuum Condenser/Service Light is On

One problem you might encounter is noticing your vacuum condenser light coming on. Your vacuum condenser light points to an issue with your condenser and can be on for various reasons, not just a dirty coil.

If you see your vacuum condenser or service light come on, your condenser coils can often be dirty, which will require it to work harder than it needs to keep cool. One fix for dirty condenser coils is simply cleaning them every six months to prevent dust and dirt build-up. The reason the “ Vacuum Condenser ‘ light comes on is due to the refrigerator running 6 hours or longer nonstop, which can cause many issues and will need to be serviced by a Professional Technician.

Another reason you may see a service light come on is a slow leak in your freon lines. While this issue is not as easy of a fix as the latter, scheduling service with our team at Dynamic to get an expert technician in your area can fix this problem in no time.

High Temperature in the Refrigerator Compartment

Have you ever done a load of laundry, and There is no worse feeling than opening your fridge door only to find warm air surrounding all of your food. Because Sub Zero Refrigerators have two separate compressors, one for the fridge and one for the freezer, oftentimes, it is time for a condenser fan to be replaced.

When you find out your refrigerator is not cooling like it is supposed to, you can also risk spoiling food if you don’t act fast. Reach out to us as we specialize in Sub Zero repairs. If your fr
when the dryer beeps telling you the load is dry, you are surprised to find not all your items are dry? The smaller and lighter items, like underwear and washcloths, are too hot to touch. The thick towels and blue jeans are still damp.

What do you do? You take out the dry items and continue drying the more substantial items.

If you sort items by weight on the front end of the chore, you will notice this problem disappears. Wash and dry items together based on their bulkiness, length, and weight. You will see your clothes will get cleaner and your cycle times will reduce.

Stops Making Ice

Having ice in Arizona is an absolute must, especially during the summer months. Imagine this, you grab your glass to fill with ice, ready to enjoy, and nothing comes out. Defeating and frustrating, there can be several reasons why your sub zero ice maker is suddenly not creating ice.

Remember that these Sub Zero units have separate cooling systems for both your fridge and freezer. If you encounter an issue with your ice maker, it will often point to a problem within your freezer system. Beyond that, this is a job to call out a professional to get your ice-cold drinks back in your hand in no time.

Leaking Water

Encountering a puddle of water below your fridge is never good for the unit or your wood floors. There are a few reasons why your fridge/freezer may be leaking water.

Your Sub Zero fridge may have a clogged or frozen drain line. You could also have an issue with the inlet valve or a crack in the filter. While these issues may seem daunting, you can start with a frozen drain and see if fixing that repairs the problem. You can do so by removing anything blocking the drain and shutting the unit off overnight to thaw. This is inconvenient as you would also need to relocate your food. If you find this does not help, do not hesitate to call here at Dynamic Appliance Repair for your refrigerator repair needs.

All in all, as Sub Zero Refrigerators age, you can run into problems that will need to be attended to. Researching repair companies in your area can narrow down who specializes in Sub Zero Fridges to have on hand when you need them.

While Sub Zero Refrigerators are more expensive than the free-standing refrigerators you have used for years, they can save you a ton of money. The most significant way these fridges can save you money is by minimizing the amount of food spoilage you encounter by keeping your food fresher longer not to mention increasing the value of your home.


Need Repair?

If you are in need of experts to fix and repair your current Sub Zero fridge, our team at Dynamic Appliance Repair is here to help. Our staff of knowledgeable technicians are trained in how to diagnose and fix issues you encounter with your Sub Zero Refrigerator. Reach out to us with any questions you may have and schedule an appointment today by calling or click HERE to schedule Sub-Zero repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to find Sub Zero Model Number

The model number for your unit will be located on the hinge area of the freezer door frame.

Q: How often should I change the water filter on my Sub Zero

The manufacturer suggests an “average” life span of 1 year based on usage. The filter replacement light is based on a meter of water flowing through the filter. However in the Phoenix valley with our very hard and scaly if you use your filter often for water and ice, we suggest every 6 months. If your water begins to taste “off” we recommend changing more frequently than what the replacement indicator light suggests. 

Q: What are Sub Zero troubleshooting codes

There are many error codes (EC) related to each model. Here are the most common ones:

EC51 Error running too long too dirty coil


EC 30 Ice maker not working

Q: Why is my Sub Zero hot to touch

The area around the door and gasket are warm. This is actually normal to an extent. This ensures the door does not condensate and stick close. If it’s excessively hot this may signal that the condenser coils are in need of cleaning.

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