The short answer to how long fridges last? An average of 14 years for a full-size refrigerator, according to the annual portrait of the U.S. Appliance Industry. Consumer Reports claims the standard is less, more like ten years.

For purposes of this article, we will average the life span of a fridge at 12 years. With averages, that means some refrigerators will last longer than 12 years and some a lot less.

We want your fridge to last 12 years or longer. So, we investigated the actions of appliance owners who have appliances that last well beyond their expected expiration.

What we found is that they implemented actions that are simple and take little time, but that provides huge benefits for your appliance.

Here is the Dynamic Appliance Repair guide to help Arizona residents get the most out of a refrigerator.

Clear The Top Of Your Fridge

We all do it. We see the top of the fridge as extra storage. We won’t overload you with information on how a refrigerator works, but hot air eventually dissipates, so only cold air remains inside your appliance.

The hot air dissipates through the top of your refrigerator. If you have pots, pans, baskets full of papers, and other rarely used items, they prevent the hot air from dissipating properly.

Keep the top of your fridge clean, and if it has shelving above it, make sure there is an inch or more of space to allow heat to escape.

Clean Your Coils

Your refrigerator has condenser coils, usually on the back of the appliance. If you have ever looked behind your fridge, you’ve probably seen them, underneath dirt and grime.

The condenser coils get covered with dust, hair, and other debris that finds its way to the back of the fridge. This is not only gross, but it prevents your refrigerator from operating at its best. Over time, this can lead to malfunctioning parts within your appliance. It can also lead to a shorter lifespan.

To remedy this, Phoenix appliance experts recommend carefully vacuuming the coils once a month.

Clean Your Gaskets

The door of your refrigerator has gaskets that prevent cold air from leaking outside the appliance. There may be times when your gaskets get dirty, preventing the seals from working. For example, when your condiment bottle leaks because the cap wasn’t closed all the way. You clean up the mess but may not realize some of the mess got under the gaskets.

Over time, little things will create a buildup that prevents the seals from keeping the air inside. Appliance professionals recommend cleaning your gaskets regularly, or at least once every other month.

Avoid Overfill and Underfill

When our Phoenix appliance technicians go into homes to complete repairs, we see many different things inside refrigerators. Some people keep only a few condiments and water cooling, leaving a lot of extra space unused. Some people overfill their fridge, storing food and drinks on top of other food and beverages.

Neither is good. Overfilling the fridge causes your refrigerator to work hard to keep all the items at the right temperature. Underfilling causes your fridge to work harder to try and keep those few items cool but not frozen.

The same is true for the freezer section on your fridge. If you find yourself pushing and shoving an item, hoping it will stay long enough for you to close the door, it is too full.

Set It To The Right Temperature

If foods in your refrigerator are expiring sooner than they should, the temperature may be wrong. Having the wrong temperature can also wear out your appliance. You tell your refrigerator how hard to work when you set the temperature.

You may be wondering how to set the right temperature on your refrigerator. The USDA, the FDA, and all good Scottsdale appliance repair companies will tell you the freezer should be set at 0 degrees. Refrigerators can vary, but a suitable temperature to start with is 40 degrees or below. We often recommend between 37 and 40 degrees. It won’t take long to notice if you need to adjust. And with refrigerators today, lowering or raising the temperature is simple.


The final tip for making your refrigerator last longer is to have it serviced for maintenance purposes by an appliance professional in your Phoenix area. Don’t want to pay for a quick fridge service visit? Combine it with maintenance service for all your appliances.

Research shows appliances serviced by professionals each year outlive appliances that go without maintenance. So, call us today. We can help you extend the life of your fridge.