Project Laundry List reports 80 % of Americans wash and dry between two and nine loads of laundry each week. Among the dryers in homes, 77% are electric, with propane being the other option.

Most dryers can last between ten years or more, depending on how well they are maintained.

Where does your dryer fit into this timeline? Is your dryer still working like a boss at two years old? Or does your dryer need a walker to help it get through a cycle?

Do you need to complete a ritual to get your dryer to work? Turn the knob to high, then back to low, then spin it real fast until it lands on high again…and release a sigh of relief when you hear it roar? If so, the answer is obvious.

Age and performance are two significant factors to help you decide when to replace your dryer, but they aren’t the only ones. And holding on to something because your grandma gave it to you should involve jewelry, not appliances

Below are some guidelines to follow before you start researching the best new dryer on the market.

Assess the Size of the Problem

There are times when the dryer may make a strange noise, or not dry your clothes all the way through during a cycle. Although this can be alarming, it may be something easy to fix. For example, if the filter on your dryer is clogged, it can hinder performance.

Or, if you forget to empty your pockets of the nails, screws, and small tools you forgot to remove from your pockets after work, you will hear strange noises. Not that we have ever done that, of course.

Before you call a local Phoenix appliance repair company, check for simple solutions like cleaning the lint out of the trap. Sometimes we freak out only to find the answer was something super easy. Examples include forgetting to plug in the dryer, checking to see if the breaker tripped, or when the floor becomes uneven.

It won’t always be so easy, however. There may be bigger issues that let you know you need to call the pros.

If you see sparks or fire coming from your dryer, it’s time to call the pros. If your dryer is 15 years old and your utility bill is higher than your paycheck, it’s time to call the pros. Finally, if the wires in the back look dried and cracked, it’s time to call the pros.

Has Your Warranty Run Out?

We ask this question because if your warranty has ended, you will be expected to pay for repairs out of your pocket. Many times, repairs can cost more than a new dryer.

Check your warranty to determine the length of time and type of coverage on your dryer. If your dryer is operating without a warranty, you may want to check with a local appliance company, like Dynamic Appliance Repair, to see if you can purchase an extended warranty. They can also give you information specific to your brand of dryer, like how long they typically last.

Get an Estimate

If your dryer is disappointing you, go ahead and get an estimate from a local appliance technician. He or she can tell you quickly if your problem dryer will be cheaper to repair or replace. Sometimes it is an easy fix, like replacing a belt. Sometimes it’s not.

You can’t make an informed, intelligent decision if you don’t have all the facts. Allowing an Arizona licensed and insured appliance repair expert give you all the facts is essential. The sooner, the better.

If You Decide to Replace, Do This:

Now that you have decided to replace your dryer, there are a couple of tips we want to share to help you avoid surprise costs.

  • Measure your space for a new replacement. If your new dryer is larger than your current one, you may need to do minor construction to make it fit. This could add a few hundred dollars to your costs.
  • Check Your Wiring. New appliances come with technology and advanced electrical systems. Some homes may need to upgrade electrical wiring and circuits to meet the needs of the new dryer.
  • Decide based on quality, not design. You need a dryer that is a beast that will work for another decade or more, not a dryer that matches the paint color on the interior of your home. Purchasing a dryer based on design and unnecessary added features can be costly.
Because everyone’s dryer situation is different, hiring a Phoenix-based expert in the appliance industry truly is a good move. There are many of us out here who vow to help you find the best dryer for your budget and lifestyle.
*Service call fee covers two appliances in the same home, only valid during initial visit. Not valid on separate service calls